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[about] Now & Then is a web app made to be used now and then, about the now (present) and then (past). It is an attempt to bring something of the ethereal world, to an all to often material and pragmatic digital world and stimulate our present with views of our past. Born from a backstory and a personal desire for a product answering a specific need. Much like Wisdom Tooth, Now & Then was conceived and created within a day and can be viewed here.

Now & Then encompasses to below real world to digital service. 1) Exisitng photographic media is sourced from pre-developed 35mm film/ APS/ 6x4 prints 2) Media is digitised, saved to CD-Rom and uploaded to Dropbox 3) Automated cropping and resizing of source images is rendered within Dropbox 4) Photographic source is paired with texts and randomly outputted to bespoke web app and stand alone Instagram account.